Meet Lyn Ford

Lyndon B FordLyndon “Lyn” Ford is the Founder and President of Tax Trouble Help, LLC/Ford Tax & Accounting, LLC. As a former IRS Tax Auditor/Revenue Agent, FDIC Bank Examiner, regional bank Vice President, and current university Accounting instructor, he is uniquely positioned to offer guidance, representation, instruction and advice on many government regulatory compliance issues. After a 20 year IRS career, Lyn is widely considered an expert on taxes!

His life’s story, starting with delivering newspapers, pumping gas, filling pot holes, playing college football, being a talk show host, and a having a diverse (and interesting!) professional career – which of course, includes being an IRS Agent, makes him a sought after speaker and teacher. Lyn even has served as a “life issues” counselor for a non-profit organization.

Lyn enjoys providing helpful tax information and “tax dispute” representation services to small business owners, professionals and individual taxpayers, while also giving them a plan to prevent costly tax mistakes and avoid tax trouble!

Lyn’s qualification as an Enrolled Agent means he is licensed to practice tax law before the Internal Revenue Service, state, and local taxing authorities. He has the ability to:


  • Represent businesses and individuals and in tax controversies with Federal, State, and local taxing authorities
  • Consult with individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and trusts on tax issues
  • Provide tax information products for both businesses and individuals to proactively protect themselves from unfair tax liabilities

Lyndon‘s outgoing, friendly and humorous personality always creates a positive atmosphere –even when he’s speaking about taxes! He enjoys helping business owners become successful in industry and community while maintaining a sense of perspective, hope, and dignity.