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Tax Trouble? Don’t Worry… Our Former IRS Agents KNOW how to help you!


About Tax Trouble Help, LLC

Tax Trouble Help, LLC is an IRS tax problem resolution, tax planning, and income tax return preparation company serving Michigan and other states. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan and Southfield, Michigan. Ford Tax & Accounting, LLC can be contacted at (313) 437-9655 or (248) 792-2044. Emails can be sent to [email protected]

Tax Trouble Help can help small business owners and individuals:

1) STOP tax mistakes that cost you money

2) Defend against IRS audits and collection actions

3) Receive maximum tax benefits

4) Meet tax law requirements

Whether you are an independent, one location small business owner or a multi-location, multi-state franchise owner, our network of former IRS Tax Auditors/Agents and Collection Officers understand how IRS, state, and local city government tax trouble negatively impacts your business operations and your bottom line profits. Individuals are also negatively impacted financially by tax trouble.

As Enrolled Agents (EAs), licensed by the U.S. Government, we can provide nationwide tax return preparation and tax trouble representation for small business and individual taxpayers in IRS audit, collection, or appeals matters. Because EAs are Federally licensed, we can provide, national (IRS), multi-state tax representation for our clients as opposed to attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) whom are NOT licensed to provide, national, multi-state tax representation.

Our GUARANTEE to every client is that we will use our tax law knowledge, government contacts, and years of experience to help small businesses and individuals change unfair and unmanageable tax trouble into fair and manageable tax situations. Tax money saved certainly looks better in your bank account than in the U.S. Treasury!

Thank you for your interest in Tax Trouble Help. Visit our web site (www.taxtroublehelp.com) for information about tax related services, products, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, blogs, live events, and more.

Radio Show **ON HIATUS**

Listen, Learn, and Laugh with the “Tax Trouble Help Show” – hosted by Lyndon “Lyn” Ford, Former IRS Agent

The “LIVE” show over air and online on News/Talk 92.7 FM & 1400 AM Detroit WDTK – The Patriot – “LIVE” Saturday’s at 7:30am – internet streaming and podcasts at WDTKam.com



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