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                Ladder Safety – Using Instructions
                2020-05-28 12:00:00

                Staying safe is important. On any ladder, you must always follow some basic rules. Telescopic ladders also have some additional safety rules.

                Rule #1: Three points of contact
                As with any ladder, the proper footing is important to prevent falling. Always keep both feet on the ladder rung at all times. Also, one hand should be holding the surface in front of you, not the ladder.

                Rule #2: Climb slowly
                When you are climbing up and down the ladder, take your time. The ladder can wobble if you rush. Take each step one foot at a time. Because telescopic ladders have extra parts that are not permanently attached, avoiding the wobbling avoids instability.

                Rule #3: Check locks
                Because a telescopic ladder has multiple parts, there are locks and pins to secure the telescoping section closed and open. In the closed position, locks help keep the telescopic parts from opening while you are carrying it around. In the extended position, locks secure the telescoping section in place to keep it from closing and causing you to fall.

                Rule #4: Regular inspection
                It is common for people to thoroughly inspect telescopic ladders before they are bought. Unfortunately, not many people take the time to inspect their ladder after that. You should examine your ladder before you use it – every time.

                Rule #5: Follow directions
                Always read the manufacturer’s instructions completely. It is important to understand what is being told. You will find instructions for safely using the telescopic features. You will also find important information about weight restrictions and proper safety measures that apply to each of the telescopic ladders. It is important to adhere to weight restrictions because too much weight can put a dangerous strain on the locks and connections of the ladder.

                All the rules would help you to operate any Ladder safely.