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                Telescopic ladder
                2019-05-13 09:30:37

                Ladders are everyday utensils, and the use of ladders allows people to reach higher positions. For example, to change the light bulb in the home, use a ladder to get close to the bulb, the bulb can be replaced. For example, taking the top of the big wardrobe, you can't do it with the help of the external force, and you can get it and take it off with the ladder.

                The ladder that can be folded is called a folding ladder. When the ladder is used, the ladder is extended. The length of the ladder is long. If you do not need to fold the ladder, you can put it in the storage room or the trunk of the car. It does not occupy a lot of space. Folding ladders are different from traditional wooden ladders and bamboo ladders. The structure of such ladders can be changed, the length can be extended, and the space can be shortened. The bamboo and wooden ladders are fixed in structure and cannot be changed in size and length. Therefore, although people can be used for climbing, daily storage is a problem. The storage room is not big enough. It is not suitable to put the ladder, or it is more suitable for folding ladders. it is good.

                In addition to the use of ladders at home, engineering is also required. In the construction project, the construction of the building structure or the decoration of the wall requires a ladder. With the ladder, the work efficiency is improved and the time is saved. The use of ladders at home should take into account the practicality and aesthetics of the ladder. Choose a ladder with good quality, strong bearing capacity, the ladder is not easy to damage, the service life is long, and the cost of repairing the ladder can be reduced. Before using the ladder to understand the use of the ladder, it is possible that some people are not familiar with the operation of modern ladders, you must first familiarize yourself with the ladder. There is no problem with folding ladder operation, and the cost of maintenance ladder is reduced.